Google Chrome is about to get much faster

Google announced that it will begin to roll out an update to Chrome that will make your browser speeds much faster.

The update contains a new data compression algorithm called Brotli, which Google first unveiled in September. It squishes the size of a website down by 26% more than Chrome’s previous compression tool, Zopfli.

Like Zopfli, the new algorithm is named after a Swiss baked good. (Brötli means ‘small bread’ in Swiss German.)

In a Google+ post, Google engineer Ilya Grigorik announced that Brotli will be coming to Chrome soon, likely in the browser’s next major update.

“At Google, we think that internet users’ time is valuable, and that they shouldn’t have to wait long for a webpage to load,” Google (GOOG) said in a September blog post, when it first announced Brotli. “Because fast is better than slow.”

Google made the code open-souce, meaning it can be used by any competing browser. Mozilla, for example, says it will use the code in Firefox.

Chrome has been on a tear lately, adding features left and right that speed up your browsing experience.

In September, Google released version 45 of Chrome, which promised to make pages load faster and save your battery at the same time. As of version 45, when pages go idle, Chrome aggressively wipes out old, unused memory.

In a more recent update to the Chrome browser, Google decided it would longer allow videos to load in background tabs. You now have to click on a tab to load a video or streaming media file.

Source: CNNMoney (New York) First published January 21, 2016: 8:16 AM ET

Bluebird is proud to be a lead sponsor of The One Show

Bluebird is proud to be a lead sponsor of The One Show, a special event awards banquet next month honoring the Best in Advertising for 2015. This International event, hosted this year in Denver by the Art Director’s Club of Denver (ADCD), will showcase award-winning creative TV and digital advertising from around the world.

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Table 47 film featured in Mile High Sports Magazine

Bluebird teamed up with Jeff Kingery (former Colorado Rockies broadcaster) late last year to promote about his new film, Table 47.  Following his 17-year career calling Rockies games, Kingery moved into the director’s chair and released his first film last fall.

Table 47, a film noir-style thriller set in Colorado, is a 99-minute movie featuring an all-Colorado cast and crew.

Kingery and his film is featured in the January issue of Mile High Sports Magazine.  Recently, Table 47 was also featured on 9News, the Denver Business Journal and on Channel 2’s Daybreak.

Table 47 is currently available for download on Google PlayAmazon PrimeiTunes  and  VUDU.

Great work is a result of loving what you do.

What makes this even better, is sharing the spotlight with some of the best artists, designers, and companies in our community. Oh, and winning awards for the work you do is pretty awesome too! Thank you Art Directors Club Denver for putting on a great Annual Show. And Thank you NoCo Food Cluster for the opportunity to create award winning artwork. ‪‪#‎bluebirdbranding‬