When you say “Brand,” everyone hears “Logo”


To those who help manage brands, the words “brand” and “logo” can be interchangeable. In our 20-plus years of working with marketing leaders, we’ve heard from many who focus on the logo, instead of the brand. A few favorites:

“We don’t have time to get the brand team involved, can’t we just put the logo on it?”

“Our marketing would be better if we just make the logo bigger.”

“Our logo looks great! We should put it on there a few more times.”

“I made some modifications to our logo on the brochure…I think it really makes the brand pop.”

Every company needs to move employees out of the mindset that BRAND = LOGO, and into the mindset of that BRAND = THEM + COMPANY. Do you have a BRAND = LOGO horror story? Let us help you reframe these internal conversations around branding, and help employees embrace their role as brand stewards.