I have no idea how many assets we created last year.

Brand Management

In today’s world of having an abundance of data at our fingertips it’s expected that marketers use data to drive campaigns and initiatives to achieve the best ROI. Executives expect their department heads to to report on their impact on the bottom line, and Marketing has one of the biggest demands of all. 

Interestingly, when we ask prospects and clients how many assets are created in a month or a year, the answer often is “I don’t know”, or “We have a rough idea of the things our team developed, but there’s a lot that we never see before it’s in the market”. This is always shocking to hear, as it could be an easy metric to share and show the value the marketing team brings to the organization. 

It also provides insight into how the team spends its time. For some people, they view this as opening up the curtains too much. For those interested in maintaining efficiencies and getting the most out of their team, it’s a way to showcase the amazing work being done. 

Don’t be afraid of the data, instead embrace it and use it to your advantage. Use it to find ways to increase efficiency, reduce time to market, and track how and what is being produced. 

How can you do this? Start with a process to collect everything that gets created, ideally before it’s in-market. Online workflow management and templating tools can streamline this, so the creators don’t have to go through an extra step to include you in the loop. If you have dynamic content tools and workflow tools that don’t talk to each other, maybe integration is a way to improve your visibility of what’s being done. In either case, the information you’ll collect going forward will let you answer with great breadth and depth the next time your executive team comes asking, “What has your team been working on?”

If you’d like help making better use of the data involving your assets and what you’re creating, we can help.