Launching and Pulsing Your Brand


You have just launched a new brand or gone through a rebrand. You’ve given time, dollars, sweat and maybe even a little blood for the importance of your brand. And rightly so. So now what?

You have something new that must be nurtured, grown, and tended to on a daily basis.

What is working? (Let’s keep doing that)

What is not working? (Let’s change that)

The worst thing that you could do is send your new brand out into the world and not give it periodic check-ups. We see it fairly often.

A huge amount of effort and energy is required to get a new brand launched…then comes the assumption that all the time and effort spent was enough to make it successful. Oftentimes, if the brand and launch have been well thought out, success does follow. But it is never, ever, sustainable by itself. It needs attention. It needs evolution. It needs love.

What we have found is that the most successful brands are ones that launch and follow a set agenda focused on reminding employees and customers of its existence and importance. We call this pulsing, much like a heartbeat.

Launch. Take a deep breath and listen for the feedback. Take it in. Course correct. Evolve something. Add something new, inform people of what’s new. What’s coming. What’s changing. Why it is so important.

Pulsing is your opportunity to ensure your brand constantly remains in your employees and customers minds. Staying relevant is important and evolving means that you were not just a flash in the pan – that your brand isn’t just a new logo or look and feel, but a well thought out machine that is only in its infancy – and will continue to grow and get stronger as time goes by.

Be strategic in all you do – which includes what to do after you launch.