Bluebird Branding - Driven by Creativity. Powered by Execution
Driven by Creativity. Powered by Execution

We are a strategic brand consulting and visual communications firm that helps companies increase demand by building brand equity. Creating a positive and engaging brand experience for your customers is the fundamental goal.

Our Services

Research & analytics

Brand strategy & positioning

Brand architecture

Name identity creation

Brand mark (logo) design

Identity & design

Ad campaign development

Environmental & Signage design

Brand engagement & communication

Communication strategy

Interactive & web design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Process

Brand Strategy

Brands become a shortcut for consumers when making buying decisions. They embody the perceptions that buyers have about a product or service. Bluebird is a strategic brand consulting and visual communications firm that helps companies increase demand by building brand equity. The first step in the brand development process is building the foundation. It includes creating a strong brand position that “tells your story” in a concise and accurate way that differentiates your business from the competition.

Corporate Identity
Brand Mark Development

Your corporate identity, or brand mark (logo), should serve as a visual metaphor that expresses your brand in a creative, compelling, and timeless manner. The process must aim to make the brand mark immediately recognizable, inspiring trust, credibility, admiration, loyalty and an implied superiority.

Visual Communications Systems

Your Visual Communications system – the overall look and feel of your brand and business tools – represents one of the most under-utilized opportunities to build brand equity. The VisCom system includes the places where your brand will appear (i.e. business cards, marketing materials, website, etc.) enabling you to use design elements, imagery, color, shape and typography to consistently articulate a positive brand image.

Digital Brand Development

Bluebird differs from Web development firms in that we place a stronger emphasis on strategy and are focused on helping users locate the most important information in the least amount of time. Our Web development philosophy is based upon art, science, and efficiency designed to communicate the brand in a most compelling way.

Brand Launch

The Bluebird key objectives to a successful Brand Launch include creating awareness among core target audiences, creating interest among those unfamiliar with your brand, generating excitement among employees and key stakeholders and leveraging the brand launch “window of opportunity” timeframe to acquire, retain and up-sell customers.