How do I make my logo bigger without squishing it?


The classic graphic designer-angst anthem “Make the Logo Bigger” proclaims “Make the logo as big as you can! Make the logo bigger!” No matter if you’re making it bigger or smaller, the cardinal rule is to always resize logos proportionally. 

Don’t give into the temptation to fudge the aspect ratio if you need to fit a logo into a tight space. Squishing (or squashing) your logo – the most recognizable representation of your brand – sends the message that your company shouldn’t be taken seriously. 

Software applications almost universally offer a way to maintain the proportions of an image when changing its size. The latest version of Adobe Creative Suite maintains an image’s proportion by default. Word and many other desktop programs will maintain an image’s aspect ratio simply by holding down the SHIFT key as you drag to resize it. For Websites, always confirm the presentation of your logo is correct when transitioning from one screen size to another in responsive designs. This is easily specified in the CSS for your site. 

If you’re not sure how to maintain the proportions of an image in the application that you’re using, the answer is a quick Google search away. A minute or two spent finding the answer will be time well spent towards protecting your brand.